Mechanical Poet - Natural Quaternion

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I see the border of the wild wood
An endless raving tide
Electric view from altitude
The forest spreading far and wide

I'm staring on these discomposed seas
Imbibing gummy smells
The blankets rise above the trees
Decolourising scenic dells

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
The pathless rocky chains
And sombre holts in shadows
Magnetic visions from a predawn dream


Amid the stalks enamelled by a silver web
Bestead by oaks drowsing in the nature's lap
I sop the motley chips of dreams they saw the night before
I hear the pulsing flumps of the enormous wooden core

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
Unsettled gloomy fens
Are guggling in the shadows
Uncanny visions from a creepy dream

Wicked and impious brats
Always ambush here under the snags
Dire and ill silhouettes
Prowling shadows of ogres or hags

Babbling the curses
Invoking the fear
Tapping the hearses
So grim and severe
They are blustering near!


Somnolent fall is performing its chime
Boat-flies crawl in a slight pantomime
Grasshopper's viol is joining the glee
Tracing a sweet melody
Music sweeps over the quiescent pool
Sated with odorous cool

Lanterns of glow-worms are wheeling so freely
Choirs of crickets parade on a lily
Night's brimming over with wonderful theme
Dying away in a hot lava stream


Fiery limbo
Perpetual crag slowly melts
Giant rocks
Are dissolving as jell
Sulphury steam blows
Cyclopean foundry smelts
Ancient blocks
In this kingdom of hell

Funnels and furrows
Bottomless burrows
Tireless belt draws ore out of mines
Strings of the lorries
Smoking quarries
Tissue of channels portentously shines

The coalers
Feed the mouth of blowing forge
The boilers
Disappear in smog they disgorge

Grasp kingly blaze
Of azoic landscapes
Feel your amaze
See the fineness of shapes

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
The ruby lava stains
Eradiate in shadows
Surreal visions from an eerie dream

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